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We offer free part time CFO services based on the generation of $250,000 of new income. After you achieve more than $250,000 increase of income our fees are 7.5%  of gross sales after paid commission. We will develop a distributorship based on new income to the company, and we will earn equity in the company based on the 3 to 5 year valuation of your company.

* Free Service requires a minimum $750 Retainer fee that will be credited towards your fees once you reach the  $250,000 sales gain threshold. Free CFO services do not include legal fees, back office services, order fulfillment, sales and marketing, printing services or approved incedental expenses

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Free Part time Cfo Team*

What We offer:

  • Review of Business Plan

  • Review of Financial Statements

  • Review of Organizational Structure

  • ​Market Research

  • Develop a feasibility plan

  • Develop a marketing plan

  • Develop an operations plan​

  • Train Staff to implement plans