With experience in international Tax, Transactional and Corporate law, we have assisted clients with tax advice and legal counseling in areas including: Mergers & Acquisitions; SEC Governance; International Tax; Corporate and other Entity Formations & Consequences (Partnerships, LLC's & Trusts); IRS Audits and Appeals; Tax Planning & Compliance (including Ex-Patriate Tax Protection Programs); Deferred Compensation & Retirement Plans; Asset Protection and Financing issues; and Oil & Gas Tax (Upstream & Downstream).


Legal Compliance

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Sales and Marketing

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We have a team that is dedicated to online order fulfillment and shipping. They are able to provide a quick product turnaround using cutting edge technology to track and ship your order from the web to the customer's door. We offer international shipping solutions as well. 

We have seasoned sales professionals who will develop a marketing and sales strategy to bring your business to the next level. We will develop a strong plan, and assist you to recruit and train a top notch sales and marketing department.